Having grown up in the Army, I've lived all over the world. Not content with staying in one place for too long, I eventually joined the Army myself and did two tours in Afghanistan. I was a 25 Bravo, "Computer Guy," which mostly meant network and systems administration, as well as wearing the security hat. I was attached to an infantry battalion and had some fantastic experiences - deploying FDMA and TDMA satellite dishes via chinooks into simmering, barren deserts with sand as fine as moondust, setting up 50 node secure (SIPR) and non-secure networks, with data, VOIP telephones and video up on projection screens, coming in from UAVs overhead, all within a 6 hour window. On my second tour, in my spare time, I set up an 802.11 wireless mesh across an entire FOB using spent mortar shells as makeshift cantenas... Ah, good times.

Now days I just grow beards, try to be a super-dad, nurture some fledgling businesses and pontificate on cybersecurity. Infosec fills out my 9 to 5, doing mostly security management activities in downtown DC. These fledgling businesses, though, keep an eye on them... I may be making some announcements about them on this blog in the near future.

Interests & Areas of Expertise

  • Clojure, Clojurescript and mobile application development
  • Distributed, decentralized and fault tolerant systems
  • AI, AL, multi-agent systems, cellular automata
  • Cryptography, information security and theory
  • Functional programming
  • Big data, analytics

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